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Becky is a camera that is all about this one gorgeous couple doing it with each other almost for free most of the time, but sometimes it will also include other couples, should they want to spice it up a bit. Hell, requests might get them to bring other people sometimes, too. Either way, Ivan and Anna are both quite flexible and they will make sure to please the cam in the best way possible by doing the dirtiest things. Furthermore, they are also quite communicative which means they will not leave the people behind the camera hanging in any way. They will also start some polls where they will decide some things that are related to the things they do on cam. Now, the most common one is related to where the post-blowjob cum goes. So, if it gets enough votes, the cum will be shot all over the girls face, or sometimes on her butt. If the babe is willing it gets shot on her tongue or even her throat, and sometimes even her titties, you will get the chance to see these things, that’s for sure, but it’s not guaranteed that your choice will win, which is a no-brainer. If you pay them up they will also spice it up sometimes, and this can result in something quite intense and arousing like a titjob. Get plenty of Adult Chat, Phone Sex and Video Sex Chat.

If you feel like talking to them, you can actually do that since they both happen to be bilingual and somewhat fluent in English, so you can at least establish basic communication in English, German, French and even Russian and Italian. Their ethnicities aren’t exactly known, but the obvious things are what matters. They are both Caucasian, and they both have amazing, slim and fit bodies. So, please join them. Watch them fuck!

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